Austin is 2!

06 Jun Austin is 2!

I was lucky enough to take pictures for the Demmon family when Austin was one, now he is all grown up and almost two! Man time flies. I love watching all these kids grow up through my lens. We had some fun during Austin’s shoot. We counted some flowers, blew some bubbles, played catch, played in the creek and ate some watermelon! What a fun all around shoot! Happy Birthday Austin! I hope two is a great year for you and your family!

IMG_0002-2 IMG_0020 IMG_0039 IMG_0052 IMG_0095-2 IMG_0127-3 IMG_0146 IMG_0154-3 IMG_0165-2 IMG_0184 IMG_0203 IMG_0209 IMG_0220-5-2 IMG_0224