Big Boy Noah

28 Apr Big Boy Noah

Finally got to do Noah’s 9 month shoot (he is 10 months now!). This kid is such a CUTIE! Always knows where the camera is and always gives a big smile. He even flirted with the photographer by giving her hugs <3 This kid melts my heart. Oh and did I mention he is already walking.. like legit walking! I usually don’t have to chase kids around until a year! Well we had fun and got some great shots! Can’t wait till his 1 year shoot!

Here are some of my favorites!

IMG_0014-5 IMG_0026-4 IMG_0035-4-2 IMG_0045-4 IMG_0062-4-2 IMG_0065-4 IMG_0081-4-2 IMG_0087-4 IMG_0107-5 IMG_0117-5 IMG_0123-5 IMG_0149-5-2