Bryce Gene Masters

05 Aug Bryce Gene Masters

Seems like yesterday when I did Brittany and Kenny’s maternity shoot! Now they have a beautiful baby boy, Bryce! Brittany and Kenny already seem like naturals with their little one. They are going to be amazing parents, Bryce is one lucky dude. Here are some of my favorites from their newborn session.

IMG_0004-5 IMG_0008-5 IMG_0013-2-2 IMG_0038-5 IMG_0040-6 IMG_0049-4-2 IMG_0058-3 IMG_0061-6 IMG_0065-4-2 IMG_0075-3 IMG_0089-6 IMG_0093-4 IMG_0101-4 IMG_0103-7 IMG_0142-5 IMG_0152-4 IMG_0219-4 IMG_0221-2-2 IMG_0236-2 IMG_0238-3