Fun with Friends!

20 Jul Fun with Friends!

This was my first Fun with Friends session, and it was blast!! Melissa contacted me a while ago saying she was coming into town and wanted to surprise her best friends with a photoshoot! What a great idea! I always had the Fun with Friends package available, but Melissa was the first to try it out. It is such a fun gift idea… I think more people should do it!! Its great to see high school friends stay friends through the years, even if they don’t see or talk to one another everyday. Thanks Melissa, Megan, Holly and Kelly for a fun filled morning… your friendship surely shows through these pictures!

IMG_0055-3 IMG_0062 IMG_0112-3-2 IMG_0121-4 IMG_0134-4 IMG_0140-4 IMG_0160 IMG_0170-3-2 IMG_0202 IMG_0231-2-2 IMG_0294-6 IMG_0309 IMG_0315-4 IMG_0331-4 IMG_0341-7 IMG_0355-4 IMG_0356-4 IMG_0375-4 IMG_0381 IMG_0387-2 IMG_0397-2 IMG_0433-3-2 IMG_0435-3 IMG_0459-3 IMG_0479-2 IMG_0521-3 IMG_0530-2-2