Happy Mother’s Day

10 May Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!! 

This is my first Mother’s Day! I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be a mother to a handsome little boy! In these short 4 months he has changed my world upside down… for the better! There are no words that can describe what it feels like to be a mother. It the greatest job in the world. IMG_0420-2

This blog isn’t really about me being a mother… its more about those mothers who have made me the person I am today. I wanted to thank all those special ladies that have taught me everything, and have helped me through any struggles I’ve come across in life and motherhood. So here is to you…

The Down to Earth Mom- Natalie 

This pretty lady has been a wonderful role model in my life when it comes to mommy hood. She is also stuck with me because she is my sister-in-law. Watching Natalie become a mom was a great experience and I learned a lot! She taught me you can still have FUN in life… and bring the baby a long! Its not all about the schedules and what other moms tell you to do… its what works for YOUR family and thats what will work for your baby. So thank you Auntie Natty for being there for me and Grayden. You are an AMAZING mommy and I love you with all my heart. Now its time for you to have baby #2! 😉


The Artistic Mom- Casey

I’ve been able to watch Casey grow as a mother for the last 3 years. She is one awesome and STYLISH  mom! Her babies are always looking adorable in their cute little outfits. Oh and did I mention she always finds the best deals! She is so creative when it comes to all things. She blessed me with a beautiful baby shower and helped me put together Grayden’s nursery. There are always new and fun ideas going around her head. I love picking her brain about everything! I’m blessed to have her by my side through this new journey in life. She’s always looking out for me and my family. You should always have a red head in your corner 😉 Love you Casey… your such a natural at being a mommy and I hope I can follow in your footsteps with my family.



The Athletic Mom- Alyssa

My buddy Alyssa is one awesome mom. She has so much love for her little boy Bryant and shows so much love for all those other little babies around. Her and I are and will always be work out partners. We grew up with similar interests in sports and work out routines. I learned from her you can still be active while being a mom… we even used Bryant as our weight while doing squats and abs during our last workout! I don’t know what I would do without her.. probably be overweight and lazy. Thank you Alyssa for pushing me to be a better person in all parts of life. I’m so glad God brought you into my life. IMG_0346-2

The Creative Mom- Merrie (Merbo)

Merrie, my sister-in-law, is stuck with me and all my questions! Sooo many questions. I can’t believe they let you leave a hospital with a baby just after two days!! Craziness. Merrie has two little ones… Liam is 3 and Owen is a week older then Grayden. She seems to know everything!! She’s so organized and creative with all baby things. When I was first pregnant she sent me an email with the low down on all the baby products I will need and what worked and didn’t work for them. She is so helpful in many ways! I could’t have gotten through my pregnancy and early months of motherhood with out Merbo. She is just AWESOME. We love you Aunt Merrie! Thanks for all the help.


The Super Mom- Courtney

Courtney, mommy of three (a almost 3 year old and 8 month old twins!), is definitely super mom! I couldn’t even imagine having two babies at once… and she did it with a two year old! Courtney is also my co-worker. She sees me everyday (except when she was on maternity leave and then I was on maternity leave) and has to deal with my questions everyday… well more like every hour. How much are they supposed to be eating? Why does his poop look like this? How does this sleep training work? The questions are seriously endless. There is always something new to learn and I usually learn it first through Courtney. We also share our babies milestones with each other… there is always a new video to share! Thank you Courtney for dealing with my endless questions! I couldn’t get through the workday without you! You are definitely a super mom in my eyes. Love you.


The In the Same Boat Mom- Lauren

Lauren is my sister-in-laws, bothers, wife… ugh thats too complicated… whatever, Lauren and I are related. We were lucky enough to go through this journey together! Our due dates were a couple days apart but Grayden came two weeks before Michael (Even though Michael is bigger then Grayden! ha). Anytime I go through something with Grayden I give Lauren a heads up that is will probably be coming with Michael soon. Anytime there is a baby sale we let each other know! Anytime we have two of the same outfits we give each other the extra! Its awesome to have a mommy going through the same thing you are… to share what you have learned and how you may do something differently. It’s great to get some new perspective on things, even from another new mom. Love you Lauren… Michael and Grayden are going to be best buds! Bros before Bows 😉


The Cool Mom- Lisa aka MiMi

Lisa has been a big part of my husbands life since high school. I have only known her for a couple of years, but she has already made me feel like part of the family. She greets you with open arms and a warm smile. She insists that Grayden calls her MiMi… and he definitely will! She always lets us hang out at the house and offers to care for the children while the adults are downstairs. We always seem to end up in their basement for New Years Eve… and we are okay with that! Never a dull moment at Lisa’s house. She is always offering to babysit anytime Nathan and I need a date night (we still need to take her up on that!). When all my friends kids get older we will definitely find them hanging out at MiMi’s house… she’s that cool. Love you Lisa and thank you for being a big part of our life.


The Wise Mom- Barbara aka Memaw

My Mother-in-law has seen it all… from raising three kids and being a PE teacher for 30+ years! Nathan put her through the ringer. From throwing a brick up and trying to out run it (you can imagine how that ended) to playing marco polo and running into a tree… he’s done it all, which means his mom has seen it all! She is always willing to lend a helping hand or words of wisdom. She admits she doesn’t know it all, but she has a ton of experience (more than most)! Thank you Barbara for being a great mother-in-law and an amazing Memaw to Grayden! I am blessed to have married into such a loving family.


The Godly Mom- Momma Ann

This woman has a very special place in my heart… she is the closest person I have that reminds me of my mother. If you could picture the most caring, loving, godly, generous and selfless mother on earth that would be Momma Ann (well it would be a tie if Mama Miz was still here… but she wins the award in heaven!). You will also find no better home cooked meal then in her kitchen! She does it all… from raising 6 daughters (yes, 6 girls!), to writing her own cookbook, to serving at a church, to teaching at a school… she does it all and with a loving heart! She has taught me so much about motherhood just through her actions. I would be lucky enough to be half the mom she is. Love you Ann and all you do for those around you!


The Aunt Mom- Aunt Marti

She introduces herself as “Aunt Marti”! Everyone can try and claim her as an Aunt, but she’s mine! Aunt Marti is like no one else… she loves animals, makes the best cookies, loves her bed, cusses up a storm, strikes up a conversation with a complete stranger and takes off every Monday to watch my little baby! She is amazing both inside and out. You are the best Aunt any girl could ask for. I love you and your outgoing, lovable personality. You are my guardian angle here on earth. Love love love.


My Mom- Mama Miz

“A moms hug lasts long after she lets go.” – That is so true. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my mom’s hugs. When mom hugged me I never wanted to let go. She had those hugs that just made everything okay in the world. Mom was also that type of person you could sit and listen to for hours and she could definitely talk for hours (I think its a Dando thing). You could tell she lived for God… he was her Lord and Savior. It made you want to have that same connection with God that she had. I wish I could have a few more moments with her just to talk, listen and to have one last hug. Mom would have been the best Grandma… she use to talk about being a grandma and how excited she was to one day be one. Sadly mom couldn’t be a grandma here on earth, but I know she is a grandma to all the little children in heaven. Gosh I miss her. Happy Mother’s Day mom. I love you. Can’t wait to see you again. 247849_714128578557_2357947_n 150229_1534727739332_7874058_n 22560_1255643682405_4555634_n