Jim + Beth

05 Dec Jim + Beth

I have known Jim and Beth pretty much my whole life. Beth and my mom were best friends in high school and stayed close through out their lives (check out photos below!). Beth has been a great supporter of my photography and is always sending me encouraging messages. A while back I offered her a session for just her and Jim and we finally got to do it yesterday! They were so cute together and we all had a lot of fun… I even think Jim had some fun! It was a great experience and I hope I get to do more shoots like this in the future. Its great to see such “young” love in people that have been married for over 25 years! Thanks Beth and Jim for a wonderful shoot!

(Beth and Mom)


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Here are some of my favorites from their shoot…

IMG_0029-2 IMG_0047-2 IMG_0070-2 IMG_0082-2-2 IMG_0104-2 IMG_0106-2-2 IMG_0148-2 IMG_0165-2 IMG_0176