Katherine and Andrew are MARRIED!

28 Aug Katherine and Andrew are MARRIED!

Congratulations Katherine and Andrew! They are MARRIED!

We started the day off at the Hilton Garden Inn where the ladies were getting ready. Got to get some pictures of all the bridesmaids and Katherine in super cute rompers! Then we made our way to the beautiful venue, Riverside on the Potomac, where we spent the rest of our day. It was smooth sailing for my first wedding. A laid back bride, a fun bridal party, an awesome venue and a great DJ (DJ Jarrod from Metro DC DJs)!

Katherine and Andrew, your wedding was amazing. Every detail was thought out and it showed through out the whole day. Thank you again for trusting me to capture this very important day. I finally have my first wedding under my belt and I can’t wait to do more!

Check out their very special day…

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