Little Miss Addison

07 Sep Little Miss Addison

Every time I do a newborn shoot I can’t help but think how fast time flies! My little guy is already 8 months old and I can’t believe he was once that little. I’m so happy I can help people capture their little blessings before they grow up!

Little Addison was such a bundle of cuteness! She was the perfect little model… awake in the beginning of the shoot and passed out in the middle. We were able to get a bunch of cute shots. It was the perfect newborn shoot! Thank you Tim and Julie for sharing Addison with me. What a cutie!!

IMG_0110-7 IMG_0116-7 IMG_0122-7 IMG_0178-6 IMG_0199-6 IMG_0213-6 IMG_0219-6 IMG_0242-6 IMG_0251-6 IMG_0263-6 IMG_0313-6 IMG_0319-6 IMG_0348-7