Lutz Maternity

02 Feb Lutz Maternity

Baby Lutz is almost here (They aren’t telling anyone the name, I definitely bugged them about it!). Ashley and Greg wanted a snowing maternity, but the 3 foot blizzard made it a little hard for the 5’2 pregnant lady. So we had to wait a little for the snow to melt. I think we got lucky… we still had snow on the ground and it was in the 50s!! Well the pictures turned out beautiful! How could they not with such a sweet couple. They are going to be amazing parents!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot! Enjoy!

IMG_0372 IMG_0351-2 IMG_0338 IMG_0312 IMG_0264-2-2 IMG_0247-2 IMG_0198-2 IMG_0176-4 IMG_0159-7 IMG_0152-7-2 IMG_0132-4-2 IMG_0128-4 IMG_0076-10 IMG_0072-5-2 IMG_0017-4