McLaughlin Family

15 May McLaughlin Family

After sooooooo many days of rain, and rescheduling shoot after shoot I was finally able to get one in! Perfect family and location to welcome the sun! I love this family so much. These two girl are going to drive their parents (and the boys) nuts, but I’m sure Jenny and Austin will love every minute of it! The girls don’t know it yet, but they are going to be lifetime best friends! I love watching all these kiddos grow up! Thanks Jenny for allowing me to take your family photos! Can’t wait till the next session!

Here are some of my favorites from their shoot:

IMG_0011-11 IMG_0022-9 IMG_0035-9-2 IMG_0037-8 IMG_0042-4-2 IMG_0049-4 IMG_0082-3 IMG_0094-7-2 IMG_0107-9 IMG_0111-9 IMG_0128-3 IMG_0136-4 IMG_0138-4-2 IMG_0145-4 IMG_0170-7-2 IMG_0178-4 IMG_0208-4-2