05 Sep #Mizcation

Mizcation was a success!! It was our first ever beach trip as a whole family, and it was just perfect! We went to the OBX and stayed in Corolla. The house location was great… short walk to the beach, pool in the backyard, bike ride to the grocery store… perfection. We had great weather the whole week. One rainy day, but we just hung out watched movies and played Rummy!

Awesome end to an awesome summer! Now looking forward to everything Fall!! 🙂

Here are some pictures to show how great the vacation was:

IMG_0040-6 IMG_0042-6 IMG_0100-7 IMG_0135-7 IMG_0145-6 IMG_0157-6 IMG_0178-5 IMG_0241-5 IMG_0255-5 IMG_0276-5 IMG_0295-5 IMG_0317-5 IMG_0368-6-2 IMG_0386-6 IMG_0436-5 IMG_0454-5 IMG_0470-4 IMG_0479-4 IMG_0495-4 IMG_0504-4IMG_0507-4 IMG_0572-4IMG_0581-4 IMG_0589-6 IMG_0599-6 IMG_0625-6 IMG_0657-5 IMG_0681-5 IMG_0737-4IMG_0783-4 IMG_0790-4 IMG_0796-4