My Best Buddy

22 Sep My Best Buddy

Lauren and I have been friends since middle school! Our families became close while attending the same church. Everything was going great until I learned that Lauren’s family was moving back to Scotland! Scotland??!! Thats a whole other country!! I would never see my best friend again! I was so wrong, our friendship was gotten even stronger while being miles apart. In the last 10 years we have only visited each other 6 times, but every time we get together we pick up where we left off. A lot has happened in both of our lives in the last 10 years… loss of a loved one, marriage, kids (their daughter Mollie is named after my mom <3) and we may not be able to be there physically, but we know we will always have each other. We are truly blessed to have such a great relationship! Now even our husbands are good friends! I will be sad to see them leave Thursday… but already looking forward to our trip to Scotland next summer!!

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