Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2016

26 Mar Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2016

Shoot and Share is a free community where photographers from all over the world can go to learn, educate and get inspired. I learned about Shoot and Share when I was getting more serious about my photography business. I didn’t even know about the contest last year until I started voting… and it was addicting! I got inspired by so many great pictures and photographers. Well a year past and I totally forgot about the contest until I saw a post on Facebook about photo submissions… I jumped right on it and entered 50 of my favorite photos! There were over 225,000 pictures entered from 120 different countries!!! I had one in the top 100, 3 finalist and many more in top 10%, 20% and 30%! I’m feeling pretty good about myself and hope I’m only getting better. Thank you to everyone that has supported me and my business! Looking forward to entering even better pictures in the 2017 contest!

Here are the pictures that made it in the top 10% in their category:

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