Spring Styled Shoot

17 May Spring Styled Shoot


As a professional photographer, it has always been a dream of mine to get a group of my friends together, play dress up and take fun pictures! With the help of some amazing coordinators, beautiful artists, gorgeous models and a breathtaking venue, that dream came true.

We started planning month and a half before the big day so we didn’t have a lot of time to waste and of course, things didn’t always happen as planned. The dress I ordered for the bride wasn’t going to be delivered until the DAY after the shoot! Ummmmm WHAT! Scrambling, I ordered a few dresses that just didn’t feel right. Finally, the day of the shoot came and we still didn’t know what the bride was going to wear. Serendipitously, one of the models decided to have her husband drop off her wedding gown (which was preserved in the box!) Jamie, the bride, put it on and we all stopped in our tracks. It fit her PERFECTLY. It was exactly how I had envisioning her for the shoot and proved that everything happens for a reason.

This shoot had special meaning… a meaning of sisterhood and family. The bride is my sister, a bridesmaid is my sister in law and the other two might as well be family. The beautiful flowers were done by the coordinators sister. The engagement ring used in the photos is the coordinators, which was her grandmothers. To have shots of her grandmothers ring on flowers that her sister designed was really special. This shoot came together with such ease and centered around a bride and her squad. Everything about this shoot was more than I could have imagined.

“Every woman is your sister, treat her accordingly.”

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Venue: Sylvanside Farm

Decor/Styling: Sammy Tobler, Jenny McLaughlin and Amy Thunell

Florals: Sarah Lambert

Hair: Lauren Henderson

Make-up: Bradie Jensen

Models: Jamie Mizerak, Alyssa McCleary, Lauren Wilt and Natalie Mizerak

Calligraphy: Leah Letters